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Website Assistance

There's a few different things I can do to help you with your website.

  • I can help you with web SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps your business/brand appear more often and more accurately in Google searches.

  • I can help you rearrange your website layout to be more modern and user friendly, and also make sure it is mobile optimized!

  • I can completely recreate your website

  • I can assist in making your website an e-commerce site (shoppable)

Prices vary depending on what you need, as well as length of project. In general, I work for $35/hour, but we can negotiate pricing if necessary. Please visit the Contact Page to reach out and ask for more details!

Peterson Works

I helped Erik recreate his entire website from a previous version to be more modern, easier to navigate, and mobile friendly. We moved from a GoDaddy website to a Squarespace website. It is not currently set up as an e-commerce website, more so as a photo gallery to showcase examples of work they can do, some information on the company, and a contact page. 

You can view the current website here:




When I first began working with Tradehome Shoes at the Home Office, I helped with the recreation of their website alongside Irish Titan (amongst other digital media roles). The old version of the website was not e-commerce based, meaning you could not shop for products on their website. The newer version of their website is now on Shopify, and is a full e-commerce based site, so all their customers can now view their wide range of products online. This was crucial at the time, as shortly after work for the website began, a little thing called COVID struck, causing all their stores to close their doors, leaving the only option for sales online. 

I assisted with product uploads, SKUs, tax codes, imagery, website layout, and more.

Today, I still work with Tradehome on a contractual basis to assist with a variety of needs, including web needs when necessary.

You can view the current website here (however there is a whole team of people who work on this site, not just me!)

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