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The biggest project I've done thus far for Tradehome Shoes has been helping get our first ever e-commerce site up and running. For nearly 100 years, Tradehome had been strictly brick and mortar stores, and even though we had an online website, it was not set up for e-commerce. 

For this project, my coworkers and I worked with Irish Titan to get all the background work done on the physical layout of the website and its functionality. While we worked with multiple other companies to ensure all of our systems integrated properly, I personally worked most with Irish Titan.

I was in charge of all website photos: all product photos, hero images, and lifestyle imagery displayed on the website. I was also in charge of descriptions for each product, and any hyperlinks associated within the description, and any content of pages and blog posts. 

Our website is also now integrated with our online social platforms Facebook and Instagram, and is set up through Shopify for "tap to shop" features. 

It has been exciting, challenging, and fun to work on. I spent many months working on the website, and I'm very happy with the results. I think it is also safe to say the rest of the team and all the staff at Tradehome Shoes can say the same.

Check it all out on !

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Senior Capstone Project: ecoshoes

For my capstone project, I wanted to combine everything I do. The things I studied, participated in, and am passionate about. I love athletics, and would not have wanted to make a shoe were it not for my love of running. Had I not learned how to construct costumes and make my own patterns, I would not have been able to create this. Had I not learned how to take 2D plans and create 3D objects in the scene shop, I would have not been able to create this. Had I not spent years learning designs and colors in various classes, I would have not been able to create this. And finally, had I not become passionate about sustainability, much of my inspiration for this would cease to exist. Inspired by Allbirds, I created a shoe made from organic, recycled, and sustainable materials. I created my own patterns, however much of my research and design inspiration came from this brand. 

The upper is boiled merino wool, the finger loop on the heel cup is recycled PVC coated polyester, and the soles are made of recycled tires and rubber.

For any detailed questions or comments, please visit the Contact page.

Paint Charge for Country Wife

As the paint charge for Country Wife, I was in charge of painting the false proscenium for our set in a water color style so light could be projected behind in and still be illuminated. The mural was a sunset, with clouds and stars.

Scene Painting Class

There was various different assignments for scene painting class, most of them being duplication exercises.

Assistant Technical Director for Appropriate

As the assistant technical director for Appropriate, I aided in the design and construction of the set. The challenging aspect of this show, is the entire house falls apart in the last scene. We needed to create a set that would fall apart and look believable, while still being safe for actors to use and walk on, and be able to be reset every night for the following performance. It required a lot of creativity and test runs.