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The Anime Athlete

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Hello there! My name is Karlie, though you may know me as The Anime Athlete. I do a lot; I'm a streamer, content creator, artist, and athlete. Music, dance, performance, drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpting, print making, rendering, you name it, I've done it. I graduated from University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with a major in Theatre Technical Design and a minor in General Art.  I am very passionate about athleticism, the outdoors, my dogs, and I am seeking a career in digital media and pop culture. 

Looking to hire for graphic design and/or video editing work? Please visit the Pricing page for an outline of my commission prices.

Professional Info

I have the entire adobe cc suite. I am strongest in illustrator, I know my way around photoshop and premier pro. I have a very basic knowledge of html, css, and javascript. 

Throughout my college career I worked for Vector Marketing as a sales representative and manager. I held multiple positions in the company, and have gained extensive communication, leadership, people, time management, sales, and marketing skills. In 2018 I began working for Tradehome Shoes, and followed a similar path from starting in sales, to working in the corporate office in Minnesota. I then worked as a Digital Marketer & Content Creator for a bike shop in the cities called NOW Bikes & Fitness.


Currently I am contracted with a few clients, I stream on twitch and upload videos to YouTube, model part time, work out and spend time with my dogs and significant other. My background in Theatre has helped me gain experience for content creation with practice in planning designs and executions, leading and working for run crews back stage, set design and construction, costume construction, etc.

Please visit the Contact Page to request a resume and/or more info

A special shout out to Jack for all his assistance and hard work on the creation of this website. Thanks, Jack.

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